About Us

We are RootGate; a Managed Hosting Company , that was founded in 2013 with the sole purpose of handling the hosting, network and business solutions. Our inspiration comes from the CLOUD


In RootGate we offer Managed Hosting which requires constant attention, a team that works around the clock, and a great deal of experience; thus guaranteeing you a problem-free hosting experience. Our level of quality service compete’s with the global market, and that is proved in the clients that we worked and still working with.

Our main aim is to ease your hosting experience and thus help you generate great ROI. We’ve been known among our customers for being highly responsive and professional in terms of technology and customer service


We also have our own Cloud infrastructure, a strict SLA that preserves all your rights as a customer, and a dedicated 24/7 Arabic support team whose sole concern is to keep you satisfied.

Our Mission

Is to be the top hosting and network solution service provider in the MENA region, by serving
our customers the latest/most updated technologies that will guarantee acceleration in their

Why RootGate

Tailoring IT hosting is our craft.
Our core responsibilities are Managed hosting.

We are distinguished by flexibility in upgrading any elegant and simple solution at any given time.

We can do what we want
The familiar culture among our team is to listen carefully to the customer’s needs and ideas and respect their concerns and feelings then tailoring the best fit solutions for them..

Customers put their trust in RootGate due to our diligence in delivering hosting solution with care which leads us to do extra little work and that makes the difference.

Our team wants to help
Once you contact us through our channels Phone,email or social media you will receive an immediate response from our customer support specialist who will be in your service and handle your request.solution at any given time.

We make it easy
RootGate team of hosting experts split the same goals that revolve around how to achieve the optimal customer’s satisfaction.